Avius firmware version and update instructions

Ultracom Avius collar firmware version: 1.015

Date: 5.21.2018

Update content:

  • User can now change the tracking interval.
  • Automatic power saving mode when using tracking interval 20 sec or more. 
  • Other minor updates.

Ultracom Avius host device firmware version: 1.016

Date: 1.13.2021

Update content

  • Sending of VHF commands were sometimes slow, or the device could not send the commands is now fixed. 

Note! The device firmware is updated from the Ultracom app. Only the admin user of the device can update the firmware. Please note that the Avius collar cannot be updated by using the Ultracom Next app.

Updating the VHF receiver from the Next app:

  1. Insert charged battery to the VHF-receiver and turn the device on.
  2. Open the Ultracom Next app main menu and select "settings".
  3. Select the VHF-receiver and select "Firmware update".
  4. Input the security code to the indicated field and the update will start.
  5. The app downloads the firmware update and sends it to the VHF-receiver. Green and blue led on the receiver will blink simultaneously. 
  6. When the device has been successfully updated the receivers lights will continue to blink normally and it will form a Bluetooth-connection to the app.


Updating from the old UItracom app:

  1. Insert charged batteries to both Avius collar and host device and turn the devices on. 
  2. Put both devices next to each other so that their antennas are crossing each other. 
  3. Open the Ultracom app and make sure you are connected to both devices.
  4. Open the bottom bar of the app and select "info". 
  5. From the info menu select "FW update - Collar". The application requests a security code. Input the security code and follow the instructions on the app.
  6. Loading of the firmware is illustrated by a percentage number on the bottom bar of the application. Restart the collar when a green and blue LED-lights of the host device are blinking in turns. Make sure to have the collar and the host device next to each other. 
  7. The firmware will be uploaded to the collar. The green and blue LED-lights on the host device will blink simultaneously when the firmware is being uploaded to the collar.
  8. After the firmware is complete the collar will restart and start to search for satellites. The blue LED-light on the host device will start to blink once per three seconds. 
  9. The collar update is now ready and you can now update the host device.
  10. Open the Ultracom applications bottom bar and select "info". From the menu select "FW update - Host device". 
  11. The app will request a security code. Input the security code and follow the instructions on the app. 
  12. The firmware will be downloaded to the application and uploaded to the host device. The host device will blink green and blue LED-light when the firmware is being uploaded. A percentage number on the bottom bar will indicate the progress of the download of the update.
  13. After the update is complete the host device will automatically connect to the mobile device and the blue LED-light will start to blink once per three seconds. The update is now complete.