Cancelling or changing a order on My pages

If you want to cancel or change an order made on the My Pages, please follow these instructions:

Changing a subscription to another phone number:

  1. Ordered subscription can be transferred to another phone number (license). Send us the phone number that you have the subscription ordered on and the phone number you want it transferred to
  2. Inform us that which subscription product you want to transfer.

Cancelling a order:

  1. Send us the phone number (license) you have made the order to. Also tell us what product you want to cancel.
  2. Send us your name and bank account number that you want the funds returned to. 
  3. Add a picture or scan of the payment receipt. 

You can find the support contact information on the "Contact us" page of the knowledge base. Please note that digital purchases can be cancelled 14 days from the purchase