Ultracom R10/R10i FAQ

How can i extend my Ultracom Global SIM-card subscription?
You will receive an SMS when your Ultracom device Global SIM-card subscription is ending. You can continue the Global SIM-card subscription from our webstore.

It is recommended to continue the subscription before the subscription ends. All purchases will go in line and activate when the remaining subscription ends.

How do i factory reset my Ultracom R10 device (resetting the admin user)?

Ultracom Next and Tracker app: 

Open the main menu of the app and select devices -> select your device and from the menu select "remove device". This will remove the device from the menu and send a factory reset command to the device.

Can i change the Ultracom R10 SIM-card and what are the mobile subscription requirements?
Ultracom R10 comes with a pre-installed Ultracom Global SIM-card. The card has all of the necessary functions for the device. The card is forbidden to be changed.

R10 devices red or green LED-light is illuminating continuously?
If a red LED-light is illuminating continuously, it could indicate that the device has fault or error. Make sure that the SIM-card has subscription left (this can be checked from the app devices menu).
If a green light is illuminating continuously, the device is in factory state and waiting for an admin. Add the device to your application by opening the app -> open the main menu and select add device -> select the correct device type (Ultracom R10) -> input all of the necessary information and add the device to the application. The green LED-light should stop illuminating in a couple of minutes.
My R10 device is not answering phone calls (bark listening not working)?
The caller must be the admin user of the device or calls to the device must be allowed from the settings of the device.
Allow calls in the app on the device settings (main menu -> devices -> select the device). Make sure that the number calling to the device is not a "private number". The calling phone number should be visible to the R10 device.
My R10 devices bark sense microphone is too sensitive or un-sensitive?
The admin user of the device can adjust the sensitivity of the bark microphone.
Make sure the device is turned on -> open the main menu of the app and select devices -> select your device and select "Bark adjustment". Higher value will make the microphone more sensitive and lower value will make the microphone less sensitive.
My admin phone number changed and i'm not the admin of the R10 device anymore?
The R10 device should always be reset to the factory settings before changing the admin phone number (R10 device is locked to the admin phone number). If you don't have access to your prior phone number so that you could reset the device, please contact Ultracom support. Send a picture of the ID-sticker on the first page of the manual, so that we can make sure you are the owner of the device and we can reset the device.