Ultracom Dog-GPS (2011 and newer) firmware version and update instructions

Ultracom Dog-GPS firmware version: 19

Date: 2.24.2020

Update content:

  • Fixed: battery level indication.
  • Fixed: GPS power save.

Update instructions:

Note! Ultracom Dog-GPS device firmware is updated through the old Ultracom application (cannot be updated through the Next app). Only the admin user of the device can update the firmware. The device SIM-card must be active and the device must be connected to the mobile network.

  1. Install charged batteries to the device. Note the (+) and (-) markings on the batteries and the battery casing. 
  2. The device will start automatically.
  3. Take the device outside and wait that the orange LED-light on the device starts to blink once per three seconds.
  4. Open the Ultracom App. Open the bottom menu and select "info". From the info view, scroll down and select "Device firmware". 
  5. Type the safety code and send the update command to the device. 
  6. The device will receive the command and start the firmware update.
  7. When the update is complete, the device will continue to send the location.

Normally the update takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

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