UItracom My Pages - general info

Ultracom My Pages is a portal service where the user can: 

  • Manage own contact information
  • Order additional services (Ultracom subscription etc. This depends on the country of use). 
  • See your own route and the device routes which admin you are.

You can log in to My Pages from:

  • From our web pages from the "My Pages" link
  • Directly from the address https://www.sharetheadventure.net/
  • On the Ultracom NEXT app, directly from the app (open main menu -> my profile -> make sure that you have attached your phone number to the app and select "My pages").
  • Directly from the old Ultracom App (open the main menu -> select "My info" -> open the additional menu from the top right corner and select "My Pages").

My Pages user name is the phone number that you have the app registered on.

Password can be found by opening the main menu -> select "My info" -> if the password is not on the screen, refresh the screen.