Ordering and activating subscriptions on the My Pages

You can order application subscriptions directly from our webstore or you can navigate to our webstore from the "My pages" service. Please note though, that not all services are available in every country. You can also activate the Ultracom subscription activation codes on the My Pages.

You can log in to My Pages from:
  • Our web pages, from the "My Pages" link
  • Directly from the address https://www.sharetheadventure.net/ 
  • From the Ultracom Next app profile (open the main menu -> profile -> My pages).
  • From the old Ultracom app (open main menu -> select "My info" -> open the additional menu from the top right corner and select "My Pages".

My Pages username is the phone number that you have the app registered to. Password can be found by opening the main menu -> select "My info" -> if the password is not on the screen, refresh the view and the password will be visible.

After you have logged in to the service, tap on the "Order/Activate" link. Tap on the drop down menu and select from the following:

  • Activation code: You can activate an Ultracom subscription code to your license. Activation codes can be bought from our resellers and some products come with a subscription code. 
  • Go to webstore: You can proceed to our webstore to make orders.