Ultracom device warranty

Ultracom devices have a limited two year warranty, not including the GSM- and/or VHF-antenna and batteries of the device. Antennas have one year warranty and batteries have six months warranty.

If the device is defective because of material of workmanship, we will repair the device free of charge. The warranty is valid only when a purchase receipt or other proof of purchase is presented (it must have a purchase date, device serial and name of the reseller).  


What the manufacturer does not provide warranty coverage for

1. Wear and tear from normal use. 

2. Defects caused by the conversion or modification of the product. 

3. If the Device* is opened, the device warranty will immediately terminate. 

4. Defects caused by the erroneous use or storage of this Product*. 

5. Damage caused by the use of batteries that are connected incorrectly or not in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
6. Repairs made by the customer or retailer itself without authorization from the service agent. See section three (3).
7. Accidents or other similar reasons outside of the control of the manufacturer (force majeure).
8. Tracker specifically disclaims any warranty to any separate plugin delivered with the Product*. The usage of spare parts that are not officially manufactured by Tracker can void the warranty of the device. These include SIM covers, battery covers and antennas


This warranty does not impact rights under the applicable national laws of the consumer or rights of the consumer against the seller arising from the purchase/sale agreement. 


What should i do if my device is defective 

If your device is defective or broken, please contact our service by clicking this link.

Where to get more information?

You can find the full warranty booklet on the manuals/warranty books of the device or from the device specific support pages.