Ultracom R10/R10i Hybrid firmware update instructions

Ultracom R10/R10i Hybrid firmware version: B6.E

Date: 11.22.2022

Update content:

  • Fix to total bark amount.
  • Fix to tracking interval.
  • Fix to indicating battery level.
  • Other minor changes and improvements.

Note! The device SIM-card must be active and the device must be connected to the mobile network.

Update instructions on Ultracom Next or Tracker app:

  1. Install a charged battery to the device. Note the (+) and (-) markings on the battery and the battery casing.
  2. Wait that the green LED-light on the device starts to blink once per second. If the device finds satellites, the light will blink once per three seconds.
  3. Open the app and open the main menu. 
  4. Select "devices" and select your Hybrid device. 
  5. Select "Firmware update" and read more instructions from the screen. 
  6. The device will receive the command and start the firmware update.
  7. When the update is complete, the device will continue to send the location.
  8. To update the VHF-receiver:
    • Next: open the main menu and select "settings"
    • Tracker: open the main menu and select devices.
  9. Select the VHF-receiver and select "Firmware update".
  10. The app downloads the firmware update and sends it to the VHF-receiver. Green and blue led on the receiver will blink simultaneously. 
  11. When the device has been successfully updated the receivers lights will continue to blink normally and it will form a Bluetooth-connection to the app.