Ultracom NEXT - 4. Adding your dog to the app

You can add your dog and create a profile page for the dog by opening the main menu (tap on the three dots on the bottom right corner of the screen) and select "Dogs". Tap on the + -icon on the screen to add your dog.


You can make the following selections and specifications to your dog:

  • Take or select a picture for your dogs profile.
  • Add a name for your dog.
  • Select the breed of your dog.
  • Select the date of birth, gender and weight of your dog (weight is required to estimate the calorie consumption of the dog).
  • Add the maximum speed of your dog (maximum speed is required to calculate your dog's activity and travelled distance).
  • Add a web-page for your dog (other users can view your dog's profile and they can open your dog's web-page).
  • Add the bark limit for the dog (how many times the dog must bark before the application indicates that the dog is barking and the icon of the dog starts to flash in red. The current tracking time in seconds is divided with the bark limit that you input here, the result is used to calculate when the dog is barking. For example if you are using 60 seconds tracking interval and you have input the bark limit to 10, then the dog must bark 6 times for the application the indicate that the dog is barking (60 seconds divided by 10 = 6 times).
  • Setup area alert. The app will give a alarm when the dog goes beyond the set area limit. Please note that the bark alarm can be found on the settings menu.
  • Setup standing alarm. The app will give a alarm when the dog stands for the set time duration.
  • Turn on the Dog-Safety feature (your dog will be anonymously visible on the map for othe app users). More information can be found by clicking on the info-icon.
  • Check your dog's activity info from the past 48 hours.
  • Attach a tracking device for your dog (more info in the article "3. Adding of tracking device to the app").
  • Add your dog a to a group (more info in the article "6. Creating and joining group").
  • Delete the dog from the app.


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