Ultracom NEXT - 3. Adding a tracking device to the app

You can add and add a tracking device to your dog and change the device settings by opening the main menu (tap on the three dots on the bottom right corner of the screen) and select "GPS devices". Tap on the + -icon to add a new tracking device to the app (you will need the ID-number of the device which can be found on the first page of the device manual or under the collar part of the device).


You can make the following selections and specifications to your tracking device:

  • Input a phone number for your device (Ultracom R10 devices add the Global SIM-card number of the device automatically to the app. You can find the phone number for R10 devices on the first page of the manual). The phone number is required so that you can call to the device.
  • You can see the ID-number of the device.
  • You can see the Ultracom Global SIM-card subscription of your Ultracom R10 device. Card subscription can be extended from our webstore. More info on this article.
  • You can select a dog that you want to attach the device to. Please note that the bark limit and other settings are specified in the dogs settings. More information can be found on the article "4. Adding your dog to the app".
  • Generate admin code for the device. If you give a admin code to a friend, they can add your device to their own device list and act as the device administrator. Device code is input from the devices menu by clicking on the plus icon and by selecting "Add friend's device with admin code"
  • Update the firmware of the device. You can find firmware information on Ultracom devices from the device support pages.
  • Allow calling to your device. Note that call setting will be reset when the device is turned off.
  • You can remove the device from the app. Removing the device will also reset the device to the factory settings. After removing the device, it can be added to another account.


NOTE! Device lists, old devices, friends and friends devices cannot be added in the GPS devices menu. If you have older devices that you are admin to on the old application (R10 models, Novus, Dog-GPS 2011 and newer) are automatically added to your devices, when you attach the admin phone number in your own profile settings. 


Friend devices cannot be added to the application, instead you will have to create a group to where everyone can join and select if they want to share their own or their devices location to other users in the group. Creating a group is easy and fast. More info on groups can be found on a separate article.

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