Ultracom NEXT - 7. Sharing the group

If you are the admin of the group, you can create and share a group join code or group join link. You can invite other members to your group by opening the main menu (tap on the three dots on the bottom right corner of the screen) and select "Groups". Tap on your group (or create a new one). Tap on "Create join code" and select the rights for the user that will join via the code:

  • Administrator: Same rights as the creator of the group (can change all of the settings and also permanently delete the group). Administrator (admin) can see the user and dog list and admin can see which dogs are shared and which users have shared their location to the group. Admin can also add map markings and additional map data to the group.
  • Member: Member can see all of the dogs which are shared in the group and they can also see other users if they have shared their location in to the group. Member can also add map markings and additional map data to the group.
  • Event viewer: Can see other users and dogs on the map, but cannot share own dogs or own location to the group. Viewers do not appear on the device list of the map view to other users in the group.


The app will create a join code. You can give the code to your friend or send it directly from the app. If you want to send the code directly from the app, tap on the share button next to the code and select which sharing method you want to use. These sharing methods depend on the apps that you have on your mobile device.


When you send the group join link to your friend and when they click on the link, if they have Ultracom Next app installed, the app will take them directly to the group view. If they do not have the app installed, the app will take them first to app store to install the app.

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