Ultracom NEXT - 8. Map view, own location and chat

With the Ultracom NEXT app you can make your own map markings, see your own location, share and save your location and chat with members of your groups.

To move the map view: 

  • Hold two fingers on the screen and rotate your fingers clockwise or counter clockwise to rotate the map.
  • You can tilt the map view by swiping two adjacent fingers up or down on the screen.
  • You can zoom in by holding two fingers next to each other and pulling them outwards.
  • You can zoom out by pulling two fingers towards each other.
  • You can also zoom in and out with one finger by double tapping on the screen and then holding the finger on the screen and moving it up or down on the screen.

You can find the following icons on the map screen.

The compass icon will align the map by north-south axle. This icon will appear only if the map has been rotated. 
Opens the chat view to the most recent chat. You can change the chat group by tapping on the group name on top of the chat view.
VHF-receiver icon can be found on the top part of the map view, if you have a Ultracom R10 Hybrid or Avius VHF-device added to your app. The icon will inform you on the state of the Bluetooth-connection between your mobile device and VHF-receiver.

  • Green icon indicates that the connection is OK between the mobile device and VHF-receiver.
  • Yellow icon indicates that the connection cannot be established -> make sure that your VHF-receiver is turned on and that it is near the mobile device.
  • Red icon indicates that the mobile devices Bluetooth is turned off.
  • Grey icon indicates that the VHF-receiver is turned off or the user has turned the VHF-connection off from the app by tapping on the VHF icon.

Selecting this will change the map between the default map and satellite view (if available in your country).
Selecting this will start to save and share your own location. Your location will also be saved so that you and others can view it up to 48 hours with the "Replay" function. More on replay function is on chapter "11. Replay (track recording)".

Your location will be saved even though the screen is turned off (app must be on on the background). If you've turned this selection off, you can still see your current location, but your track won't be saved to the server and other users in your groups cannot see your location!
  • Tapping on this icon, when it is grey, will focus the view to your own location.
  • If the icon is red, tapping on the icon will turn the map view to your direction of travel (requires the geomagnetic sensor on the mobile device).
  • If you tap on the icon again, it will activate the car navigating mode. 
  • Tap the icon once more and it will return to the first mode (focus the view to your own location).
Tapping on the eye icon opens the device view, from which you can see all of your friends and dogs that are on same groups. A short line next to the friend or dog indicates that there has been no location from the dog or friend in past 48 hours. You can change focus on different dog or friend by tapping on their icon.
The selection opens the main menu.
Opens the marking tools, offline map tools and dog track data. You can draw lines, make markings, draw areas and also check your dogs track data and download offline maps to the memory of your mobile device. More info on a separate article. You can also make an wolf observation. More information can be found on a separate article.

Tip! You can change the focus of a friend or dog and see more info on markings by tapping on them on the map view. If you want to change the focus, just click on the red "eye"-icon. 

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