Ultracom NEXT - 10. Map markings and dog working data

You can add map markings, add offline map areas and see dog working data by opening the menu from the bottom left corner of the map view (white plus icon).  You can also find the Dogs working data (Dog-Data™) and offline maps on the same menu.

Map tools: Selection opens the map tools menu.
Add wolf observation: If you have the safety feature and wolf observations turned on you can add an wolf observation to the map. You can read more here.
Add marking: You can add a marking and select your preferred icon for it.
Draw a line or measure distance: You can draw lines or measure distances. 
Draw an area or measure areas acreage: You can draw an area or measure the acreage of the drawn area. 
Dog working data (Dog-Data™): With this selection you can view details from your dogs track. Select the starting point and ending point on the dogs track to view specific information. More info on working data can be found at the end of this article.
You can select an area of the map to be downloaded directly to the memory of your mobile device. More info on offline maps can be found on a separate article.
Add: Adds a new marking, line, area or selects a point on the track of the dog for working data.
Cancel: Cancels your selection. 
Save: Saves your selection. 
Undo: Undo your selection. For example if you make an error when drawing a line, you can undo your last selection.
Share: You can share your dogs working data to your friend.

When you add a marking, the app will open the markings settings. From the settings you can name the marking, give a description for the marking, select the color and icon for the marking and see more specific info of the marking.  

You can also create a folder for the marking or transfer the marking to a previously created folder. You can select a duration for the marking in case if the marking should only be visible temporarily (for example to indicate a felled animal).

Markings can also be copied to groups so that everyone in the group can see the marking, otherwise the marking will be private and visible only to you.

How to import map marking from the old app

Map markings that are on the old Ultracom app can be imported to Next by opening the old app -> open the main menu and select "Landmarks" -> open the additional menu from the top right corner and select "Backup to server". When the app has backed up the markings, take note of the ID number and write it down.  Open the Next app -> open the main menu and select "Maps" -> select "Drawings" and tap on the plus icon. Input the ID number that you wrote down to import the map markings to Next app. Note that markings are added to the map as their own layer. You cannot edit imported markings.


Dog working data:  

With the dog working data selection, you can select two points from the dogs track and get a more detailed view from the dogs track between the selected points. In the example we have selected the dogs track between Tag 1 (labeled with number 8) and Tag 2 (labeled with number 9).

When you select the two tags, multiple info windows open to the top left corner of the screen. You can get more information by tapping on one of the info windows.

All of the info windows are:

1. Distance between the tags (in meters).
2. Depth of track between the tags (in meters).
3. Average and maximum speed (kilometers per hour).
4. How many minutes/seconds it took for the dog to travel the distance between the tags.
5. Average and maximum barks per minute.
6. How many minutes/seconds the dog has barked between the tags.
7. Time that the dog did not bark between the tags.
8. TAG 1 - the first inspection point.
9. TAG 2 - the second inspection point.

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