Ultracom NEXT - 11. Replay (track recording)

With the replay function you can view the track of the dogs and friends that are in the same groups with you and also your own dogs and your track from the past 48 hours.

To find the replay function, open the main menu and select "Replay". A toolbar opens to the top part of the map view.  Note that you can scroll to a certain time period by holding your finger on the white square and dragging the square on the red bar. 

Replayn selections are the following:

Time line length (red line). You can select if you want to show the past 6, 12, 24 or 48 hours.
Exit replay mode.
Scroll the time backwards. By tapping multiple times you can increase the scrolling speed.
Scroll the time forwards. By tapping multiple times you can increase the scrolling speed.
Scrolling speed multiplier.
Pause (pauses the view to a certain time).
When you are viewing a live situation a green "LIVE"-icon will be shown on the right side of replay toolbar. Note that you can scroll the time bar by moving the white square on the red bar. When you scroll the time bar backwards the green live icon will turn red to indicate that you are no longer viewing a live situation.

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