Ultracom NEXT - 12. Settings and support

To view the app settings, open the main menu and select "Settings". 


In the settings you can adjust the track length (track time) individually for different selections: 

  • Own track: your own track length. 
  • Own dog track: your own dogs track length (for your every dog).
  • People track: track length for other users.
  • Other dog track: track length for other dogs.
  • Followed track: track length for the dog or user that you have currently selected.


"Map rotation allowed" setting changes if the map view will turn when the mobile device is turned horizontally or vertically. 

"Larger font" changes the font of the devices shown on the map view.


"VHF-receiver device or Add VHF-receiver device" setting will allow you to add a VHF-receiver to the app. If you already have a VHF-receiver, you can access the settings of the receiver by clicking on it. The selection appear to the settings menu when you have a Ultracom R10 Hybrid or Avius added to the devices list. By tapping on the VHF-receiver name, you can view more settings of the receiver, such as update the firmware of the receiver.

"Bark alarm" setting will turn on the bark alarm and the app will give an alarm when a dog in one of your groups starts to bark.

With the "Safety" and "Wolf observations" selections you can turn on your own safety feature so that you are anonymously visible to other app users and the "Wolf observations" so that any observations that other users have made are visible on the map. You can find more information on a separate article.


You can access support articles, get info on updates, view manuals and get touch with our support by opening the main menu and selecting "Support". You can also find more info on the app from the support menu.


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