Ultracom NEXT - 9. Map materials, importing and preloading maps

You can view the map materials by opening the main menu and by selecting "Maps". On the map view you can do the following:   

  • Select your preferred base map (map material).
  • See your own private map markings.
  • Import map markings and drawing collections from the old app (if available in your country, see more below).
  • Preload offline maps to the memory of your mobile device.
  • Add additional info to the map (depending on what information is available for your country).
  • You can turn on additional map layers (depending on what information is available for your country).

Note! All of the changes that you make appear immediately on the map view. 


Note! If you want to see the map markings and additional map materials for your group, open the group settings (open main menu, select groups and select the group you want to see the information from).



How to import drawing collections from the old Ultracom app
Select "Drawings" -> tap on the plus icon and type the drawing collection ID. You can get the ID from the maker of the drawing collection. If you have made the collection, the ID can be found on your "My pages" service (select drawing collections and the ID is visible on the drawing collection ID field).


When you've imported the collection, you can turn it off by by tapping on the slider or open the info of the drawing collection by tapping on it's name. You can rename the collection, refresh the map material of the collection, delete the collection from Next and decide the visibility of the collection.



How to import map marking from the old Ultracom app

Map marking that have been exported to a drawing collection (in the old app) can be added to Next by importing the drawing collection (more info above). Map markings that are on the old Ultracom app can be imported to Next by opening the old app -> open the main menu and select "Landmarks" -> open the additional menu from the top right corner and select "Backup to server". When the app has sent the markings to the server, take note of the ID number and write it down. Open Next -> open the main menu and select "Maps" -> select "Drawings" and tap on the plus icon. Input the ID number that you wrote down and import the map markings to the Next app. Note that markings are added to the map as their own layer. You cannot edit imported markings, but you can turn the layer off in the drawings view.



Preloading maps (offline maps)
Open the main menu and select "Maps" -> select "Offline maps" and add a offline map by tapping on the plus icon. The view will change to the map view. Tap on the small plus icon to draw the area you want to preload to the mobile device as a offline map and select the download icon (small arrow pointing downwards). The app will download the selected area to the memory of the mobile device. You can find the tools to download offline maps quickly by tapping on the plus icon (inside a red ball) on the map views bottom left corner.


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