Ultracom NEXT - Quickstart guide

Download the Ultracom Next app from the app store of your mobile device (search keyword: Ultracom Next).

Login to the app with your Apple- or Google-account.

Note! Minimum system requirements is Apple iOS 13.0 or Android 8.0.

Follow the instruction manual to set up your tracking device.

On main menu of the app (three dots on the bottom right corner), select "Tracking Devices" and tap on the + icon on the screen. Input your tracking device ID to the indicated field.

To select a dog for your device tap on the "No Dog" selection.
Input your dogs info.

Attach the device to the dog by tapping on your dog and return to the map view of the app. 
Go back to the map view and open the device list by tapping on the eye-icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.
Your dogs location is visible on the map. You can change the device settings by tapping on the red bar on the bottom of the screen.

To share your dogs location to your friends, create a group and invite your friends. You can find more information on a separate article.

The full Next manual can be found on our support site.