Logging in to Map Planner

Map Planner is a map template design and management program. The maps are designed with the Map Planner software that opens in a browser on your computer, and you can share the maps you have made with other members of your Ultracom Next group.


You can import markings made in Ultracom Next into Map Planner and export materials created with Map Planner to Ultracom Next. 


 To use the service, you need:


  • Ultracom Next software (minimum version 2.1.0)
  • Ultracom app subscription
  • A computer with an internet connection


 Log in to Map Planner

  1. On your computer, open an Internet browser and enter: https://planner.ultracom.fi/ in the address bar or tap this link to open Map Planner.
  2. Open the Ultracom Next mobile app
  3. Open the main menu of the program and select "Map data"
  4. Select "Drawing Collections"
  5. Tap the red "Read QR Code" option. If the program asks permission to use the camera on your mobile device, allow the camera to be used
  6. Align the camera on your mobile device with the QR code on your computer's browser to sign in to Map Planner with your Next account. If the security of your browser asks for permission to log in and allow you to use Map Planner, give Map Planner the necessary permissions.
  7. You are now logged in to Map Planner and can start by importing existing map data, a collection of annotations, or creating a completely new collection of maps. Note that you can create multiple map collections and manage them separately.