Map Planner - frequently asked questions

What is Map Planner?

Map Planner is a map template design and management program. The maps are designed with the Map Planner software that opens in a browser on your computer, and you can share the maps you have made with other members of your Ultracom Next group.

What does Map Planner require?

To use the service, you need:

  • Ultracom Next software (minimum version 2.1.0). Note! If you are using the Tracker app, you can find more information here.
  • Ultracom software subscription
  • A computer with an internet connection.

How do I log in to Map Planner?

Read more about signing up in a separate article.

Can I also make my own markings, draw areas and lines with Map Planner?

Yes, Map Planner is designed for just that. You can also import markings made on Ultracom Next to Map Planner.