Importing Next markings into Map Planner

  1. Open Map Planner and log in to Map Planner.
  2. Click the plus sign in front of Map Planner to create a new Map Planner, or select an existing Map Planner map.
  3. Tap the three overlapping balls in the toolbar on the left side of the screen and select "Import markers from mobile".
  4. Next opens the marking in your account (the account you used to log in to Map Planner) and you can choose to import all markings or individual markings into your map collection at once. Markings are broken down into "My Markings" (your personal entries) and Group Markings (to open a group entry, tap the group name).
  5. Once you've selected the markings you want to import, tap on the "Import" selection to import the markings into your Map Planner map data.
  6. To edit an marking, tap the "Points" tab on the toolbar and tap the pencil icon next to the entry you want.
  7. To display the Map Planner material you created in Ultracom Next, tap the three balls at the top of the toolbar and select "Control Visibility ...". Check the map material to be displayed and then check the groups you want to share the material with. Finally, tap "Update" and the material will appear in your Next software.