Map Planner - Divide material into groups, edit rights and copy material

Adding Map Planner data to Next groups 

You can also share your Map Planner map data with your own Ultracom Next groups from Map Planner's map screen tools: tap the three dots in the upper left corner of the map screen. Select “Control visibility” and tap “Show on my phone”, then you can choose to divide the material into any groups you want. Finally, tap “Update” and the material will appear in the Next software.


Dividing Map Planner data into Tracker groups (requires Next and Tracker Hunter licenses) 

If you also have the Tracker Hunter 6 software, you can link the material you create in Ultracom Map Planner to your Tracker groups. Open the Map Planner material you created and tap the image of the character in the upper right corner of the map view and select “Combine with a Tracker Account”. Please read the help text carefully, as this feature will permanently link your accounts together and in the future your Map Planner materials will be shared between your Ultracom Next and Tracker accounts.


Once your Tracker and Ultracom accounts are linked, you can divide the data into Tracker groups by tapping the three dots in the upper left corner of the map screen, select “Control visibility,” and select the groups you want to share the map data with.


Note! The Tracker and Ultracom accounts you own can only be linked once and cannot be un-linked afterwards


Sharing the right to edit the Map Planner material 

You can share your friend's Map Planner map material with your friend. Open Map Planner and tap the three dots at the top left of the screen. Select "Share for editing". Copy and send the edit link to your friend. The link is disposable and valid for 24 hours from its creation. You retain ownership of the map material, but your friend can edit your collection after opening the link.


How to copy a friend's Map Planner material

If your friend gives you the right to edit their material, you can copy the Map Planner material made by your friend as the basis for your own new map material. Get started by creating a whole new Map Planner map collection. Give your collection a name and select "Copy an existing map design" from the drop-down menu. You can select your friend's map design as the map template to copy. Your original friend's map design will not change, but the feature will make a copy of your friend's material for your use only (editing this material will not affect your friend's original Map Planner material).