4/20/2022 - Expiration of the old Ultracom application

The old Ultracom application will expire in June 2022. You can continue to use supported* devices with the newer Ultracom Next application or the Tracker application**, which will be released in the summer, and it will also support Ultracom devices. The subscriptions you purchase will be transferred directly to the newer application. You can find more information about Next app at this link.

* Supported devices are all Ultracom devices from 2011 onwards (Dog GPS model with antenna backwards, Novus, Avius, R10 models).

** We will publish more information about the new Tracker program on the Tracker and Ultracom websites during the spring.

We released an statment on our social media:


In June 2022, a new joint app for managing and tracking Tracker, Ultracom and B-Bark dog tracking devices will be launched!


Soon you can seamlessly use Tracker, Ultracom and B Bark devices with one Tracker app. It brings together the best features from both Tracker- and Ultracom- applications. The new software is easy to use, versatile and allows you to create joint groups within different device users.

The new Tracker application replaces the Tracker Hunter 6 application. The old Ultracom app will be closed in June 2022 and users are recommended to migrate to the new Tracker app.


The Tracker app will be available for download from the Play and Appstore from June 1st, 2022. More information on the advanced features of the new app will be published later this spring.


Licence prices for 2022 (new Tracker and Ultracom Next):

12 months: 79 €

1 week: 19 €

Team license (3 annual licenses): 165 €