Ultracom NEXT - Transferring your Next account to the new Tracker app

In June 2022, Tracker will launch the all-new Tracker app. With the new Tracker app, you will also be able to use and work as the admin for supported Ultracom devices (Ultracom R10 models, Novus, Avius and Dog-GPS 2011 and newer). Your markings, app subscriptions, Next groups and devices can also be transferred directly to the new Tracker app.


The minimum requirements for the new Tracker app are Android 6.0 or Apple iOS 11 or later.


Switching from Ultracom Next to Tracker app


To migrate from Next to the new Tracker app, follow the instructions below:


  1. Download and install the new Tracker app from Google Play or Apple Store. 
  2. Open the app. The app will ask you to sign in with your Google or Apple account. Log in to the app with the same Google or Apple account that you use with your Next  (you can see the email that you have used in the Next profile menu).
  3. You will be asked to input your phone number into the app. Register the same phone number you use in Next (you can see the registered phone number in the Next profile menu).
  4. The tracker app will automatically retrieve the following information from your Next account:
    • App subscription
    • Devices you own (note: ownership of the device will be transferred out of the Next app, making you the secondary admin in Next)
    • From your dog profile information: the dog's name and breed
    • Groups and group markings
    • Your own markings
    • Map Planner map materials


You can continue to use Next after the migration, but if you purchase a subscription for the Next app, it will only added to Next and will not be copied to the new Tracker app. After the migration, it is therefore recommended to start using only the Tracker app.


If necessary, you can ask for more information by submitting a support request.